Voluntourism, i.e. “travel which includes volunteering for a charitable cause”, has grown in popularity in recent years. The various types of volunteer vacations are diverse and can range from low-skill work assisting in local wildlife areas to providing high-skilled aid to communities. Voluntourism provides participants with the opportunity to do something good while also gaining exposure to new and diverse cultures and experiencing new places and unique challenges.

Destination Points offer once-in-a-lifetime voluntourism packages that create inspiring and uplifting unforgettable journeys. Our range of programmes allows participants to work amongst impoverished communities and, through their participation, make life-changing differences to people in need.

While experiencing the beauty of South Africa, participants also get to experience a radical and positive psyche shift through involvement in a meaningful initiative.

Some of the opportunities to become involved in voluntourism with Destination points include:

  • Weekend Tours in Rural Africa
  • Day tours to Informal Settlements
  • Live and work in a Shelter

Typical day tours include:

  • Visiting historically significant sites and previously inaccessible areas
  • Meeting local artists at work and at home in the informal settlements
  • Experiencing the legendary African hospitality at a community run school
  • Break for a township style tea
  • Visiting a shelter

All tours are escorted and run in conjunction with Daily Bread Org - www.dailybreadcharity.org

For further information email - voluntourism@destinationpoints.co.za. Or call +27 (0)11 011 9000 and our consultants will assist you in finding the voluntourism opportunity of a lifetime.

Voluntourism - Kaapsehoop