Incentives and Motivational Groups

Destination Innovation!

As our worldwide travel partners know, incentive travel is an excellent way to motivate an organisation’s employees. Rewarding incentive programmes are a proven investment in leading staff members and are known to increase sales, loyalty, productivity, motivation and long-term relationships.

Southern Africa offers an abundance of travel destinations that are certain to meet your client’s incentive programme needs, these programmes could include any combination from the natural beauty of the Cape, the majestic vibrancy of KwaZulu-Natal, the lush Okavango Delta to the vast Namib Desert, the idyllic beaches of Mozambique or Mauritius, the splendour of Victoria Falls, or discovering the Safari parks of Southern Africa, Destination Points offers a host of unparalleled travel programmes. Whether the requirement is an adventurous safari or a luxurious tour, Destination Points has years of experience handling incentive travel throughout Southern Africa. We look forward to working with you to make your incentive programme an enormous success.

Why incentive travel?

Delivering unparalleled results in unexpected ways!

In our current economic climate, employees are the lifeblood of any successful business. Incentive travel programmes are a proven means of driving business results while rewarding employees with experiences that last a lifetime. Whether the goal is to build greater sales or to increase productivity and performance, Destination Points delivers tailor made incentive travel programmes to meet the clients’ needs and objectives time and time again.

Incentive travel programmes are an excellent way to:

  • Enhance sales and drive performance
  • Motivate achievement of goals
  • Reward top achievers
  • Host top clients
  • Build team communication, collaboration and morale

With comprehensive planning and logistics capabilities, we design, negotiate and manage every aspect of an incentive travel programme down to the finest detail, ensuring an exclusive experience for participants – an experience that provides the reward, recognition, lifetime memories and adventures that participants deserve.\

Our services include:

  • Flights, transport and accommodation booking
  • Destination and trip planning
  • Programme management
  • Supplier sourcing and management
  • Support services before, during and after
  • On-Site Logistics Management & Staffing
  • Dedicated tour management
  • Budget Management and Reconciliation

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